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Das ist die Verzweigungslogik

Die Verzweigungslogik wurde lange erwartet und wir glauben, dass Ihre Umfragen damit wesentlich flexibler werden. Was ist also die Verzweigungslogik? Wie der Name schon vermuten lässt, können Sie damit Bedingungen einstellen, die dafür sorgen, dass Ihr Fragebogen in Abhängigkeit von den Antworten der Teilnehmer verschiedene Verzweigungen anbietet.

A New Metric To Track Likes On Your Page

Example of a Page Likes increase stats

Today we are introducing a new metric on the Stats page that will help you track the increase of Likes on your Page. The app records the number of Likes when the poll is added to your Page tab and will stop monitoring after the poll closes or once it's taken off the Page. This will give you a good overview of how your fan based increased while the poll was running. This is especially helpful if you added a Like button to your poll and want to track the impact on your Page Likes.

Search And Filter Your Polls

The poll filters menu

Polls for Pages is almost 10 years old and we have many long time customers that created hundreds of polls over the last few years. We heard from these customers that it can be difficult and frustrating to find old polls. At 5 polls per page, it requires a lot of patience to browse back through all previous polls. Today we are happy to finally make it easier to search and filter polls.

How We Protect Your Polls From Scammers

If you run a popular online voting contest where there are prizes to be won, then there is a risk that scammers will try to rig the results in their favour. A quick Google search shows just how easy it is to buy contest votes off the internet. In this blog post, we explain the different mechanisms that we put in place to detect and prevent fraudulent votes.

Bessere Umfrage-Ergebnisse durch Promotion

Bei Umfragen für Seiten geben wir Ihnen die Werkzeuge mit denen Sie eine Umfrage mit Freunden und Fans auf Facebook teilen. Was ist nun aber, wenn Sie für die richtigen Ergebnisse eine größere oder eine spezifische Zielgruppe erreichen müssen? In diesem Blogbeitrag zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie mit den Advertising Tools von Facebook Ihrer Umfrage auf die Sprünge helfen und sie zu einem riesigen Erfolg machen.

Introducing New Image Upload Options

The new image upload dialog

Today we are excited to introduce a new image upload dialog that you can use to upload pictures from different sources (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.) directly into your polls. You now have the option to crop your images to the right size so they fit perfectly in your poll or on Facebook Timeline.

Track Your Ads Performance With The Facebook Pixel

Boosting your poll with a promoted post is a great practice to increase its visibility. This lets you target a specific audience and reach people outside your immediate circle of fans and friends. But how can you track your campaign performance and know how many people actually answered your poll as a result of seeing your ad? How can you re-engage with participants in order to promote your business?

The answer to both these questions lies in the Facebook Pixel. The pixel allows you to track participants so you can assess the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and then target these same participants as a Custom Audience in your next campaigns.