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Personalize Your Poll With a Custom Font

Often times when you create a poll, you want its style to match the aesthetic of your brand or website. It was already quite easy to customize the poll appearance with colors and text variations. Today we go one step further in the personalization of polls with custom fonts.

To kick things off, we offer a selection of 5 font styles to choose from. The first one is the Standard. This is the font that has always been used in the app and it is also the Facebook website font. It is preinstalled on all computers and phones and loads faster than the other fonts. This is a great choice if your audience is located in a country where phones run on slower 3G networks.

The second font is the Classic font. It is a serif font that resembles look of the characters in a book or newspaper. Next we have the Modern font. This is a very simplistic rounded font with a minimalist aesthetic. Like the name suggests,the Playful font is fun and childish. Finally the Futuristic font will give your poll a distinct sci-fi vibe.

Choose a Font style from the Layout menu

See for yourself how a different font styles changes the look of your poll. You will find this new option in the Layout menu on the Preview page.

One more thing...

We completely revamped the default Timeline post stock images. The new images aim to catch the attention of your followers and we encourage you to try different ones to see what works best. It's also a good idea to upload your own image to give more context about your poll.