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Introducing Facebook Timeline Polls

Since Facebook removed the poll feature, page owners have been scrambling to find an alternative to run quick polls directly from their page Timeline. After hearing feedback from many customers, we came up with a solution that might fill the gap. And that's why we are excited to introduce Timeline polls.

The process is quite straightforward. Write a post on your Page timeline asking your followers a question. List the choices participants choose from. Participants can then type in a comment on the post with their vote. Here is an example:

To tally the vote, create a new Timeline Poll. Select your Page and post from the dropdown menus. Then list the options you defined in your post. The app will then analyze all the comments on the post searching for the words you listed. It will tally the votes and display the results in a pie chart. You can export the chart image and post it on your page to share the results with your followers.

A Timeline Poll is not as flexible as a form poll but it removes the friction of clicking on a link and filling-in a form. If you want a run a single-question poll with just a few options, you might want to give Timeline Poll a try.