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How To Make A Referral Contest

In this short tutorial, we teach you how to setup a referral contest using Contests for Pages.

But first, what is a referral contest? It's simply a contest where participants get an additional chance to win for each friend they refer. A referred friend is someone who entered the contest through an invitation sent by the participant. It encourages participants to share the contest by inviting as many friends as possible in order to increase their chances to win.

There is no setup required for referral contests. It works out of the box! Just make sure to let participants know that they should share the contest to increase their chance of winning. This is the default Thank You message that you can edit if needed:

Thank you for entering the contest. Share it and get an additional chance to win for each friend you refer!

When Mary lands on the contest page through an invitation from Pierre, she sees that Pierre invites her to enter the contest.

After Mary enters the contest, Pierre receives a notification and can track all his referrals from the Thank You Page.

From the Participants page of your contest, you will find some info regarding referrals. In the example below, we see a user participated through an invitation originating from Marcelo. This participant then posted the contest on his Timeline, which generated 7 new referrals.

Finally, when you draw a winner from the Results section, participants are given one more chance to win for each friend they referred.