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Track Your Ads Performance With The Facebook Pixel

Boosting your poll with a promoted post is a great practice to increase its visibility. This lets you target a specific audience and reach people outside your immediate circle of fans and friends. But how can you track your campaign performance and know how many people actually answered your poll as a result of seeing your ad? How can you re-engage with participants in order to promote your business?

The answer to both these questions lies in the Facebook Pixel. The pixel allows you to track participants so you can assess the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and then target these same participants as a Custom Audience in your next campaigns.

Up until today, installing the Facebook Pixel in a poll was a bit convoluted and so we wanted to simplify to whole process. We are proud to show you how easy we made it to integrate the Facebook Pixel.

First, you need to create or retrieve your Pixel ID in the Facebook Events Manager.

If your pixel has not yet been created, click on Set up Pixel and select the Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself option. Click Next and then Done. Copy the Pixel ID that is located under the Settings tab.

Next, head over to your Account Page. There you will see a new Facebook Pixel ID field under the Accounts Info box. Paste in your Pixel ID and the work is done!

The Pixel ID field on your Account Page

The pixel will trigger twice when someone answers your poll. It will first trigger the ViewContent event when someone lands on your poll form. It will trigger a second time with the CompleteRegistration event when a participant completes your poll. Each event also includes the last part of the poll URL under the content_ids parameter. This can be useful to create an audience based on a specific poll.

Don't hesitate to send us your feedback about the Facebook Pixel integration or any other feature you are eager to use with your next poll.