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The differences between Polls, Contests and Quizzes

Polls for Pages, Contests for Pages and Quizzes for Pages are our 3 apps that you can use to interact with your fans and grow your business on Facebook. In this blog post, we highlight the differences between the apps so you can decide which one best fits your needs.

Polls for Pages

The polling app was the first we introduced back in 2010. This exact same app is also offered under the name Surveys for Pages. Here are a few things you can do exclusively with polls:

  • You can show each question on a separate page. This can be useful for long questionnaires.
  • You get access to more question types such as scale, rating and ranking questions.
  • You can apply skip logic to your questions.

Contests for Pages

Form contests are very similar to polls. You build a questionnaire that participants fill-in for a chance to win a prize. You can also launch comments contests from your page timeline, which is an exclusive functionality of the contest app.

Quizzes for Pages

A knowledge quiz is similar to a poll but questions have right and wrong answers. Participants get a score after answering all the questions and can share their score with their friends. A personality quiz is also similar to a poll but participants are matched with a personality depending on their answers.

A few more things to consider

  • The three apps are also offered in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.
  • We offer a bundle with the 3 apss if you subscribe to the Enterprise plan.

Try out the different examples for each app to help you make your mind.